Dr. Vanessa Weaver has led the charge, influencing organizations to focus on diversity as a business enabler. Under her leadership, DITV’s initiatives reduced attrition among Multicultural professionals by as much as 50 percent. Dr. Weaver leverages media to advance D&I conversations and is a regular columnist for Diversity Best Practices’ online newsletter.

What Has Tech Done To Fix Its Harassment Problem?

LAST YEAR’S NATIONAL conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace began in the tech industry. In the months that followed Susan J. Fowler’s February blog post about sexual harassment at Uber, a number of well-known tech executives—particularly venture capitalists and startup executives—were ousted from positions of power after allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct.

The Invisibles: Consequences for Organizations with the Diverse & Assimilated

The concept of Diversity & Inclusion as we see it in action is somewhat flawed. The first word, diversity, describe what exists: a set of different groups. The second word, inclusion, begins to describe the goal: to create space where these different groups are (ideally) equally appreciated. Many organizations first focus on increasing diversity by striving to recruit a more varied set of individuals. As organizations progress on their journey, they set their sights on inclusion. Organizations often struggle during the shift from achieving diversity to fostering inclusion.